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Picky, Picky

You know, Enthusiasts, of the admiration, appreciation, and approval that all right-thinking men and women have for Dead archivist David Lemieustafarsystem. After Dick Latvala’s death in 1999, DL took over the Dick’s Pick series (that was around Volume 13 or so) and later oversaw the releases that bear his name, along with the Road Trips and Digital Downloads and little box sets and massive box sets and the Record Store Day releases and so on. All artists should have someone like David Lemieux to protect and champion their work; he does a noble job, and well.

This brings us to Dave’s Pick 19, which features two shows: the 23rd and 24th of January, 1970, and it is the WORST EVAR. The only way I could be more disappointed is if I were my own father, and I was thinking about me. Is DaP 19 a war crime? Maybe! Many people have said that DaP 19 used gas against the insurgents during the Tas’rat Uprising when those ungrateful Hansssa spit in the face of Felicidae IV, Throneworld to the Felis Empire. Many people say that.

What the fuck are you talking about?


You were critiquing the new Dave’s Pick?

DaP 19 is a cuck.

Stop that.

(((DaP 19)))

Knock it off.

Maybe the Second Amendment people need to take care of DaP 19.

Are you done?


Now: you were complaining about a product you stole?

It sounds immoral when you put it like that.

That’s why I put it like that.

And still I whine.


Perhaps I have overstated for comic effect.


Blow me. The new Dave’s Pick has moments of brilliance, but the majority of it’s just a real good 1970 show. Dark Star is not outstanding, there’s two Black Peters, at least one Grateful Dead is out-of-tune (vocally or instrumentally) at all times.

The next time you bitch about picky Deadheads or mean Phish Persons, I’m going to throw you in a vat of acid.

And a 40-minute Lovelight.


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.04.21 PM



What just God would allow that?

It is a marathon, in that it is very long and I do not want to participate in it.

I’m sure it was a hoot for those kids in Honolulu.

Fuck ’em.


Most of them have been killed by rogue waves by now. Terrible problem in Hawaii. Waves just rogue the fuck out and call Ubers and go miles inland to drown people.

Why can’t you concentrate?


Do you have a final grade for the DaP 19?

Grade? It’s not a fucking assignment. There’s tracks I’m going to skip on this one, as opposed to the majority of the other Official Releases. Morning Dew’s great. You know my feelings on Cumberland. There you go.

Fair enough. Was the thing about the rogue waves true?

Yes. It’s Global Warming. Drives waves batty, turns them rogue. But they’re smart: waves only drown people who are already in swimming pools or bathtubs.

The perfect crime!

You get me, man.


  1. Mean, Green Devil Eating Machine

    August 11, 2016 at 11:34 am

    The whole Hawaii tour, in fact, ALL of the Hawaii shows ever played (except for the Jerry Garcia Hawaii Sessions that will get leaked soon), and you’re com-plain-ing? TOTD, get with the aloha spirit, will ya!

  2. Might be the least photographed arena in existence.

  3. And what about the guest singer, on Lovelight (I think)? I listened once and started forwarding after that.

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