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Dylan And The Dead?

dylan band bwHow drunk was Dylan for the Dylan and the Dead tour? Pants-tucked-into-boots drunk.

Also: Garcia’s potato salad; Billy’s just about done*; Phil thinks that shirt’s dressy; Mickey’s got a secret.

Brent and his beard are present.


* There are only two images from this shoot–this one and another one, similar except for Bobby and Garcia chatting in it–because the secret Mickey had was that he saw how bored Billy was and decided to do him (Billy) a favor and fuck the photographer up with his Air Force judo. Two pictures.


  1. Please just shut the fuck up. You are the worse commentator on the GD. Worse than Rolling Stone. Totally unfunny and unappreciated.

    • And yet, here you are, clicking on the link, reading the page.

    • Anchovy Rancher

      April 5, 2015 at 11:30 am

      Now, you’re going about this is the wrong way. You need to assign your disgust a negative numeric kind of blah-blah. Kind of like Christgau or something.

      Besides, crabby comment upon the Dead just end up in the + column anyway. It just sells more albums.

      p.s- The word you were groping for is: “Worst.” Thankfully, by round 2, you broke into your stride.

      “Totally un-funny?” Hmmm. Very deep and thoughtful. Try coffee and a cigarette before pounding your mits on the keyboard.

    • I would say, of you and Mr. TotD, you are the worse commentator.

  2. F.Yous needs a dickpunch.

  3. Is that Spock?

  4. Anchovy Rancher

    April 5, 2015 at 11:23 am

    Ah, the aggravated te-a-te. Can’t live with it and ya’ can’t eat a bowl of Wheaties without it.

    Bob (Dylan) is just trying to contain the beer fart smell. It stuck around for a couple years.

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