Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Little Red Harry Hood
My, Tristramshandy Anorexianervosa, what big jams you have.

“All the better to rock you, my man.”

And, Tropicana Anaconda, what red hair you have.

“All the better to grey gracefully along my manly jawline, my dude.”

And, Trustafarian Anabaptist, what long solos you take.

“You going anywhere with this, or did you just want to make up silly names for me?”

The second thing.

“Great. Can I get back to my job, please?”


“I do other things.”

Everything that you do that isn’t a solo is just killing time until the next solo.

“Not true.”

Gonna call you Hope.

Know why your new name’s Hope?

Wanna know why?

“Why am I–”


“–named Hope? Okay, we’re done.”


  1. every since Chicago, being so impressed with his playing, I have tried to listen to his phishier stylings

    dear god I’ve tried

    tracksuit sounds good when he’s playing good music. Phish unfortunately does not appear to be a valid font

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