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Phil Keeps An Eye On The Laborers


This is from the first show from the ’73 Boston Music Hall run, one of the proto-Wall gigs; a truck broke down, or there was a storm, or a swarm of bees fell in love with Ramrod: something happened and the stage wasn’t set until after midnight. The show went all damn night.

Now Boston’s not an all damn night town: bars close at four in the afternoon, and you get shot for trying to buy beer on Sundays. But the show went all damn night.

There’s not a lot of Dead shows where you can definitively state that the cops and the fire marshals were paid off, but this is one of them.

Also: that is the perfect length for men’s trousers, just exactly. Slight break on the shoe in the front, and parallel to the top of the heel in the back. Creepy Ernie does good work.

Also also: Creepy Ernie thought what Donald Trump said was disgusting, and rejected the excuse that it was locker room talk. Creepy Ernie spends an unbelievable amount of time in locker rooms, and has never heard anything like that.


  1. I think the rules for jeans are different to the rules for trousers.

  2. I trust that Ernie is not responsible for the conundrum that is occurring betwixt Phil’s knees.

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