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Something About Keith

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Pigpen was perversely photogenic, and garrulous. TC will talk to anyone who calls, and has spoken as expansively as one can about a particular year out of one’s youth. Brent and Vince and Bruce all gave long interviews and fulfilled their publicity duties.

Not Keith, though. Only one good hit when you Google “Keith Godchaux interview.” There’s footage of him and Mrs Donna Jean shot for The Grateful Dead Movie, but they were incoherently high and the material was not used.

Beyond that, Keith appears in far fewer photographs than the rest of the band. When it comes to onstage photos, this can be explained by his off-to-the-side stage position, or the fact that a picture of a thrashing drummer will always be more interesting than one of a sad-faced piano player with bad posture.

But there are also less candid shots, and by a wide margin.

All Keith left was two sons and his music.

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  1. there is a soundcheck where keith asks ‘what chord is that?’ okay, i am pretty sure it is keith, because it don’t sound like no other band member?


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